Email is still a relevant way to communicate, especially for chiropractors! Email marketing for chiropractors creates a direct line of communication between you and your patients including current, former, and potential patients. 

Why Should Chiropractors Use Email Marketing

Did you know that 99% of consumers still check their emails every day? It is also the way about 73% of Millennials prefer businesses to communicate with them. Sending regular emails to your patients can help build a stronger relationship with them, that is, unless you’re only sending emails periodically as advertisements. The emails you send to patients must have value for them and show that you are truly trying to relay meaningful information. Think of email marketing for chiropractors as a way to extend the conversation you would have with patients inside your office to outside of the office. 

How to Write Effective Chiropractic Email Marketing Content

Define Your Audience

Email marketing for chiropractors can be effective or a waste of time if not done properly. As a chiropractor, your audience will likely have a pretty wide range of demographics. To keep it simple, you can divide your audience into current patients, former patients, and potential patients. Think about what each audience needs to hear, what they seek from you, and consider the language you use to communicate with them. Are many of your ideal patients pregnant mommas? Do you focus on treating athletes? Consider these factors as well. 

Email Marketing to Current Patients

Email marketing to your current patients has a lot of value. One thing that all chiropractic practices strive for is a good patient visit average, aka PVA. But what happens when a patient forgets to schedule their next appointment? They can often go weeks or months without an adjustment. Yikes! For patients who are in an active treatment phase, this can set their progress back. When you put together an email marketing campaign for current patients, you can stay on their minds and help them remember to schedule that next appointment. This can be particularly helpful for new patients who are early in their treatment! An email campaign could include information about where they are in their care plan, what changes they might be experiencing in their body, stretches or exercise to help their healing, and so much more.

Email Marketing to Potential Patients

If you have a means of acquiring email addresses for potential patients, email marketing is an excellent way to reach out to them. Maybe one of your doctors or CAs has hosted some lunch and learns or had a booth at local expos, and you have a list of emails that you have yet to really do much with. Use these addresses to send out some thoughtful, informative emails to get them thinking about your practice again. Chances are, several of them are ready to come see you. 

Email Marketing to Former Patients

Have you ever had a patient just sort of fall off their treatment plan and next thing you know, you haven’t seen them in months? It happens (unfortunately), but with a few friendly emails, they are more likely to call to schedule an appointment for another adjustment. If you’re really savvy, you can even add an easy “schedule now” button that takes them to your online scheduling platform. Then they’ve gone from a former patient to a current patient again with the click of a button and very little work on your part. No need to have your CA print lists of patients who need the next visit and spend hours making phone calls that will likely just go to voicemail. 

Choose Your Content-Type

Educational Emails

Sending out educational information to current and potential patients is an excellent way to draw potential patients in and keep current patients engaged with your practice. Within these emails, it is necessary to convey how important regular chiropractic care truly is. A good chunk of the population still assumes that you only see the chiropractor when you are in pain — or worse — when the pain is so bad their daily lives are affected. Reminding patients that getting adjusted as a preventative measure can be so beneficial for their health and wellbeing. 

Promotional Emails

Tons of chiropractic practices use promotions or specials as a way to get patients in the door. Maybe it is a referral incentive or a special on the new patient visit, but whatever you choose to promote, your patients have to know about it! Using email marketing to promote specials like this will put it on your patients’ radar and encourage them to schedule an appointment or make a referral. It’s advised for these kinds of emails to keep the tone conversational and avoid coming off too sales-ey. 

Don’t Forget to Highlight the Benefits of Chiropractic

Your patients want to know how chiropractic can help them feel better. Explaining why chiropractic is effective is important too, but don’t forget to focus on how it will help them find pain relief. Getting rid of neck pain or back pain is a benefit of chiropractic care that everyone can understand and most are seeking. If someone is considering chiropractic, they are likely experiencing pain and want it to be gone. 

The Value of Chiropractic Copywriting

As a chiropractor, your main focus is taking care of your patients and helping them heal. Your time is best spent focusing on them, not writing content for your next email. That’s where chiropractic content creators like Weber Creative Media can help. We understand the true value of chiropractic care and want to help you help more people! When you choose Weber Creative Media for your chiropractic content needs, we work alongside you to ensure the content we create feels authentic to you and uses a voice that sounds like your own. Interested in learning more about email marketing for chiropractors? Reach out today to schedule a free consultation!

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