Email Marketing for Chiropractors 


Keep patients engaged

Getting a new patient to show up for an appointment is a great feeling, right? But seeing them only show up for one or two future appointments is disappointing. The reason many new patients don’t continue to return is that they simply don’t understand why it is so important to follow through with the series of adjustments that you recommend. It takes more than just one adjustment to make a lasting difference, but many newcomers to chiropractic don’t understand that. You most likely explained the importance of following your recommendations at the first or second visit, but at this time they are probably overwhelmed with all of this new information and it might not stick. But if they see an email in their inbox a day or two later that reminds them of that important information, the chances of them returning increase. Patients receiving weekly emails outlining where they are in their stage of care, what they can expect next, and where to go from here, are more likely to stay on track.

An Educated Patient is A Loyal Patient

We all have busy lives and that includes your patients. When they start feeling better from their adjustments, it is easy for them to forget that they need to keep coming to stay feeling that way. An email in their inbox can be just what they need to remind them to schedule an appointment. Email marketing for chiropractors allows you to send them an informational email explaining the phases of care that will help them recognize that staying on track will have long-term benefits.

Help Your Patients Understand Chiropractic

During a visit with each patient, there often isn’t enough time to explain how chiropractic works, why they need to continue regular visits, and how it can have positive long term impacts. Sometimes you only see a patient for 10 minutes and then they’re out the door! Informative emails can help them understand the importance of staying on track with their care plans.

Get More Referrals

By educating your patients, they are more likely to refer their friends and family. Patient referrals are often some of the best types of patients! They know someone who has had a good experience and it begins to establish trust before they’ve even met you. When your patients understand the many benefits of chiropractic, they will want their loved ones to benefit from adjustments too! If your practice is offering a patient referral incentive, email marketing is the perfect way to get the word out and see more referrals. 

How Does Email Marketing for Chiropractors Work?

We start with a template of 12 emails that contain information that your patients need to know. When a new patient provides you with their email address, you can quickly and easily sign them up for the New Patient Email Series. Throughout the first crucial months of their care plan, they will receive weekly emails containing information pertaining to the general phase of care they are in. These emails will also present them with facts about chiropractic that will help them understand the process, how it works, and why they should continue to receive care. By keeping patients informed, they are more likely to stay on track, refer friends or family, and feel like they are getting their money’s worth. All email templates are customizable to include your branding, specific information about what services you offer, and other information you want your patients to know.

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