Tara’s Chiropractic Story

So, why is Weber Creative Media obsessed with chiropractic?

Chiropractic has changed my life, and I believe it can change the lives of people everywhere. I first began chiropractic care at age 15 after a sports injury left me with headaches, neck pain, and low back pain. I continued to receive chiropractic care throughout high school and college. In college, I studied music, playing saxophone anywhere from 3 to 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. If you look at anyone playing a saxophone, you’ll notice that the instrument is held up by a strap hanging from the neck. This is either a chiropractor’s dream or nightmare; I’m not sure which. Playing so often meant I experienced a lot of headaches and neck pain along with shoulder and low back pain from standing to play for long periods of time and having my arms in the same position. Chiropractic is what allowed me to continue playing through college and beyond. I haven’t stopped seeing a chiropractor since, and I never will. 

Once I graduated from college, I started working for a chiropractic practice in Mid-Missouri. This experience is where I really began to understand chiropractic on a deeper level. I learned how a successful chiropractic practice is operated, how to gain new patients, and how to retain patients so that they can fully experience the healing power of chiropractic. I began as chiropractic as a Chiropractic Assistant, and over time, the practice owner saw my genuine interest in helping people through chiropractic and moved me into a Practice Representative position. My main objective was to educate current patients and prospective patients about how chiropractic works and the benefits it can provide. This position is where I truly thrived. Having an audience to speak to about why I believed with all of my being that they truly needed to receive chiropractic care was my favorite stage to stand on. I took courses within our practice that taught me the correct language to use, the essential information to share, and how to deal with those who had their doubts. 

I shadowed the chiropractors in our office and was constantly asking questions during every one of my own adjustments like why adjusting my C1 helped me feel less dizzy or why when I feel pressure in my chest, I probably just have a rib out. I often wondered… “How can I keep spreading the word about how amazing chiropractic is? How can I get more people to try this form of natural healing and see their life change for the better?” I recognized that by using my creativity and writing skills coupled with my passion for chiropractic, I could help chiropractors get information out to potential patients to educate them about how beneficial it would be for them to receive chiropractic care.

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